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Our story

IMAGINEABOOK is a website dedicated to the imagination, creation and distribution of books that had never been imagined before.

The minds behind this library are working hard to put these products in the hands of everyone who desires to acquire something new, different and unique.

We work on children’s books that can be used for story time reading and will inspire children’s interest and imagination about different topics.

We work on coloring books that are printed on high quality paper (not the common newsprint) and with each drawing printed only on one side of the page preventing the common disadvantage of the markers’ bleeding on the reverse side of the paper and making that picture unusable.

And if you always wanted to color the pictures in a children’s book look no further! Our love for coloring books, brought us to develop the coloring edition of our children’s picture books, just to fulfill that demand.

We work on journals needed for different purposes such as: recipes, writing, drawing, planning and more.

Barbara Pelizzoli Artist and Illustrator

We also make the effort to create the Italian edition of each of our books in order to bring these products to the Italian speaking population.

When you purchase a book through IMAGINEABOOK the transaction is processed entirely through the major online book retailer: Amazon. In this way our guests can take advantage of using their Amazon account (including Amazon Prime), Amazon’s free shipping offers, discounts and Amazon’s secure check out. The use of Amazon as a distribution channel, allows these books to be available globally, accomplishing our dream to reach children and creative minds all over the world.

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