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These products are created by a human being. While it is common practice to cause a business to grow with hard pushed marketing strategies that aim at the control the audience decision into purchasing something out of impulse or pushing the "buy now" button and although that is believed to be the common practice in order to be successful and just make a lot of money, the artist does not believe so and does not have that intention nor ambition. The artist believes in the freedom of choice and the freedom to purchase what inspires the buyer because the product is actually something he was looking for and because the product would cause some improvement into the customer's life even if it is just something esthetically pleasing. The artist believes that a product should not be pushed into someone's throat and not being sold with some mind controlling marketing strategy. 

For this reason the artist and this website is very simple, it just display the art and product created with the artist's designs. The artist believes that honest beings and free beings should be the ones who win and gain wealth and not the "good marketers" or the "smart at cheating the system" type of mentality business owner.

If you landed on this website out of serendipity (a beautiful word meaning: an unplanned fortunate discovery; the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way) and not because of a push marketing which the artist does not even have the capital to afford; well, then maybe it was the right place for you to land on, and maybe there was something you were looking for in this website. 

The art shown here is created from the artist inspiration and the artist prefers to spend her time to created inspiring art, rather that studying marketing strategies to win the market. 

The artist believes that an artist should not be creating under pressure or under a strict demand or under someone else's wishes, and the artist believe that real art can only be created in a free mind under the feeling of freedom and not restriction.

So please, feel free to browse the products and see if there is something you like. 

This website may not be going to create a millionaire, so be it. Because the artist believe art has worth only if it is the customer the one who obtains some gain from it, maybe spiritual gain, if believed that such things exist, which has more value that money itself. 

So yah, this is a small business (maybe) by a small artist but with BIG DREAMS, no matter what kind of mountain the artist has to face and climb. 

Thank you for your attention. 

May this day be your lucky one. 

Barbara Pelizzoli

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